About us


In 2007, N-iTUS Co., Ltd. newly set foot into the communications market, seeking to become the world’s greatest IT company based on VDSL, cable modem, and transmission equipment.

By earning customers’ trust and through a development of innovative technology, we are getting attention as a growing IT company in domestic and overseas markets, and we are looking to broaden our market base with competitive product quality and costs.Endless investment in R&D has provided a firm foundation for the company to be recognized and grow in the domestic communications market among leading IT companies, and quick and thorough service has become an opportunity to gain customers’ trust in the business’s products.

N-iTUS, Co., Ltd. has conducted consistent research to develop and supply the world’s best optical communications network solution and striven to gain the acknowledgment of leading companies in the market and customers, with the highest quality and competitive prices.We ask for your generous love and support and promise to put full efforts to not only develop the best solutions but to be a company that actively responds to the evolving communications market.


set foot in the telecommunication market to be reborn as the world’s best IT company on the basis of VDSL, cable modem and transmission equipment in 2007.

We continue work to develop the solutions for demand rapidly changing telecommunication market, based on our long-time know-how in the field of telecommunications.

We are attracting considerable attention as a new IT company abroad as well as in the domestic telecommunication market through our customers’ confidence and the development of new technologies and trying to extend our business to the global market with competitive quality and price.