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Safety and Health Social

Safety and Health Social

Industrial safety and the health of employees are emphasized as the top priority in business operations, and to achieve this, we are striving to build a variety of support systems that support the interest and efforts of the company and employees

Efforts to ensure employee safety

We recognize the safety and health of all employees as the company’s top priority throughout our business activities and are doing our best to ensure that all employees work in a safe and pleasant environment by establishing a safety and health management system that complies with laws and standards.
We are preparing safety and health management regulations and manuals to support the “Safety and Health Management Policy,” and managing and strengthening safety management goals and performance every year.
Since we do not have manufacturing facilities in-house, we are not carrying out activities to identify risk factors, but we are preparing emergency training scenarios and ensuring the safety of our employees in the event of an emergency through education and training.

Efforts for employee health and wellness

By preparing various programs to prevent work-related diseases and promote health, we seek to develop workers’ health management capabilities and improve their quality of life.
· Recognition
· Lifestyle changes
· Creating a supportive environment
· Exercise guidance
· Psychological guidance
· Health guidance

Emergency Response Plan

We are preparing response plans for each type of emergency (fire, earthquake, safety accident, elevator accident, etc.). An organization that controls and manages accidents has been formed, and all supplies and response procedures needed to respond to accidents are documented, and step-by-step action instructions are specified to effectively respond to emergency accidents and prevent damage. And through regular training for each scenario, we strive to prepare ourselves so that response to emergencies can be internalized by all employees.
Safety and Health Management Policy

N-iTUS Co., Ltd. recognizes the safety and health of all employees as the company's top priority throughout its management activities and does its best to ensure that all employees work in a safe and pleasant environment by establishing a safety and health management system that complies with laws and standards. do it all To this end, we continuously improve the safety and health environment through the following safety and health activities.

1. The management manager considers ‘protecting the lives of workers’ and ‘creating a safe working environment’ as the top goals of corporate  management activities.
2. The management manager establishes a safety and health management system at the workplace and provides sufficient human and material resources to eliminate and control risk factors at the workplace.
3. Set safety and health goals and establish and implement detailed action plans to achieve them.
4. Establish and faithfully implement internal regulations that comply with safety and health-related laws and regulations.
5. Identify risk factors through worker participation, make sure to improve the identified risk factors, and share them through education.
6. Ensure that all members are aware of risk factors related to their jobs, and provide education and training on risk factor removal, replacement, and control techniques.
7. Ensure that all suppliers and contractors comply with our health and safety policies and safety requirements.
8. All members must faithfully comply with their responsibilities and obligations for safety and health activities.

June 1, 2022

N-iTUS Co., Ltd. Jang Se-bong

Safety and Health Management Goals


1. Risk assessment
2. Review of laws and regulations
3. Goals
4. Establishment of a promotion plan

DO and health activities
2.Emergency preparedness and response


2.Analysis and performance evaluation
3.Internal review
4.Executive review


1.Establishment of improvement plan
2.Corrective action



Human Rights / Welfare

Human rights management

N-iTUS respects human rights, supports relevant international standards, and provides information on the company’s efforts and performance related to human rights, including prohibition of discrimination and grievance handling.

In order to respect human rights and fulfil our social responsibilities, we have prepared and are making public the 2023 Declaration of Human Rights, which we intend to apply to all stakeholders as well as executives and employees.

Policies and strategies related to fair competition and compliance

We complete statutory training to respect human rights and prohibit discrimination, including sexual harassment prevention training, disability awareness training, workplace bullying prevention training, and personal information protection training, online and offline every year. When laws and regulations change, we update our employment rules every year and strive to ensure legal personnel management, and we do not recognize any discrimination against gender, age, origin, or the disabled in salary or promotion. In the future, we plan to expand and strengthen gender diversity through women’s competency development.

Company’s efforts regarding complaint resolution

We operate a system to resolve work performance, unfair treatment, complaints, and personal difficulties, and the contents are updated when necessary. We document and disclose step-by-step (prevention, grievance and handling) handling guidelines related to employee grievances and we have also installed a grievance processing box within the company so that workers can apply for help in resolving their grievances or difficulties.

Prevention Stage

-Identify job satisfaction
-Reasonable organizational management

Grievance Stage

-Way to use the processing system
-Receive grievance status

Processing Stage

-Listen to grievance
-Resolution, action, fllow-up management

Human Rights Management Declaration

Regarding Nitus’ personnel management declaration
You can check more details.

Labor-Management Relations

Labour and management (executives and employees) are thinking and working together for the growth and development of the company.

Efforts for labor-management relations (social dialogue)

Since there is no labour union, we are establishing and operating a labour-management council to increase workers’ participation and understanding of corporate management and to improve corporate growth and workers’ satisfaction with the company. In order to establish and operate the labour-management council, the establishment of the labour-management council was announced to internal organization members, and a plan for forming labour-management council members, labour-management council regulations, and operation plans were prepared to operate the labour-management council. The establishment and operation of the labor-management council began in 2013, and we will support sustainable growth by improving communication and understanding between the company and executives and employees by supplementing any deficiencies every year.

UN Global Compact Ten Principles

UN Global Compact Ten Principles

N-iTUS is striving to comply with international standards of social responsibility management through sustainable management, including the declaration of joint ESG management between labour and management. As part of this, we adopt and comply with the UNGC’s 10 principles to present and develop corporate social responsibility in the four major areas of human rights, environment, labour, and anti-corruption promoted by the UN, and become an “eco-friendly company trusted by stakeholders.” In order to achieve sustainable development, we declare that we will set and implement common goals between labour and management based on ESG ideology, such as taking the lead in environmental management and environmental conservation, creating social value to realize an inclusive, safe society, and establishing a transparent and fair governance structure.

Human Rights

PRINCIPLE 1 Business should support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights;

PRINCIPLE 2 Make sure that they are not complicit in human rights abuses.


PRINCIPLE 6 Businesses should uphold the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining;

PRINCIPLE 7 the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour;

PRINCIPLE 8  the effective abolition of child labour; and

PRINCIPLE 9 the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour;


PRINCIPLE 3 Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges;

PRINCIPLE 4 undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility;

PRINCIPLE 5 encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies


PRINCIPLE 10 Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.

Mutual growth policy

About NItus’ shared growth policy
You can check more details.

Voluntary Compliance Program (CP)

About NItus’ Compliance Program (CP)
You can check more details.

Social contribution

Beyond the boundaries between you and me, we will put into practice the corporate spirit of loving and sharing with our neighbours for the dream of ‘us together’ and a prosperous and happy ‘sustainable society’, and we will contribute to creating a culture of voluntary volunteerism among executives and employees and creating a happy society

Direction of Social Contribution Activities

● Developing various social value realization activities based on the importance of ESG management  
– Expand and scope of activities by discovering new beneficiaries and making efforts to resolve social and environmental issues.
● Reorganize overall social contribution activities to restore to pre-COVID-19 levels
– Implement social contribution activities, establish a feedback system, and promote social contribution through labor-management activities

– Efforts to maintain sustainable corporation representative social contribution programs and secure stable financial resources

Propulsion System


“ A happy world where we live together"


Realizing social responsibility through creating ahared value

Core Value

More + Happier

More + Warmly

More + Transparently

Promission Strategies and Tasks

Regional coexistence and green environment

– Environmentally friendly management through carbon reduction
– Creating a sustainable green environment

The practice of sincere sharing

-Support program for local vulnerable groups
-Sharing of local co-existence and donation

Leading a culture of social responsibility

-Regional collaboration program
-Shared growth social contiributin

Propulsion System

– Environmentally friendly management through carbon reduction

– Creating a sustainable green environment

-Support program for local vulnerable groups

-Sharing of local co-existence and donation

-Regional collaboration program

-Shared growth social contiributin

Slogan“ A happy world where we live together"
MissionRealizing social responsibility through creating ahared value
Core ValueMore + HappierMore + WarmlyMore + Transparently
Promission Strategies and TasksRegional coexistence and green environmentThe practice of sincere sharingLeading a culture of social responsibility
Information Security

As digital transformation takes place throughout society and the economy, we comply with the strengthened laws and regulations on corporate and personal information protection and strengthen internal regulations to prevent information security-related damages or information security management violations.

Information Security Enhancement Policies and Strategies

In an era where the use of AI and digital technology is becoming common in business activities and individuals’ daily lives, a company’s information protection capability is emerging as a core competitiveness that can guarantee safety to consumers. In order to carry out information protection activities in accordance with government guidelines, we recently established an information security management manual and established detailed procedures for information protection disclosure. We have established basic policies to strengthen information security management (asset protection, continuous reinforcement of information security, security compliance operation, training and audit) and an information security management organization with the CEO as the information security chairman. Information security management will be divided into an organization that carries out information protection practices and an organization that establishes security policies and analyses the causes of security incidents and responds to them.
We aim to maintain thorough information security to prevent leaks and violations of personal information as well as corporate activities.

Information Security Promotion Plan

As a company that provides information and communication devices and related services, information security is emphasized as the company’s core competitiveness, and we are planning to obtain ISO 27001 (Information Security Management Management System) certification, a related international certification. By obtaining the certificate, we aim to strengthen the overall information protection management system, including information protection policy, communication, operation, access control, and information security incidents, and effectively manage the company’s important information assets.

Efforts for information security

In order to protect the company’s important assets, we are making efforts to ensure thorough information security related to product development by signing a confidentiality agreement for our research and development personnel. We provide personal information protection training every quarter to strengthen employees’ awareness of information security and to systematically operate security control and the Computer Emergency Response Team. There have been no information security incidents or personal information protection violations over the past three years.