Business Area

From benchmarking to technical support

systemized product development and supply.

(Benchmark > Issue Management > Field Support > Technical Support)
The quality of products and technology is acknowledged by the communication service as we directly run the R&D research center.

Internet Solution Business

Super fast internet equipment VDSL2 CO, CPE / G.FAST CO, CPE / L2,L3 Switch

Manufacturer Of Communication Equipment Business

Racks, MOFD, Optic, OFD etc. Researching and manufacturing the physical interface equipment

Transmission System Business

Multiplexer, Optical Mux , Optical fiber management solution

Maintenance and RMA Business

Internet equipment maintenance and RMA repair


N-iTUS is becoming a global corporation with its focus on network solutions for telecommunication companies around the world. To provide better solutions for telecom operators, N-iTUS is expanding its product line-up through continued research, which now includes Ethernet switches and CPE equipment.