EXnet 8108E



The 8108E is connected by a 1:1 link between the downlink port supporting 1G over 2Pair. Also, the uplink port supports the existing standard 1G service, connecting the current GES equipment to the uplink port of the 8108E. The 1G over the 2Pair 2P1G modem supporting the port can be attached to the downlink port of 8108E to provide 1G service to 2Pair subscribers.

The 8108E Extender provides 1G service to 2Pair subscribers by linking with GES equipment that provides high-speed high-capacity service and high-quality multimedia service without replacing existing Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch equipment.

The V2708GA supports 8 ports of the downlinks 100 / 1000BASE-T (4Pair & 2Pair) (RJ-45) supporting 2P1G and 8ports of the Uplink 100 / 1000Base-T (4Pair) 8 Port connect by 1:1 to the Extender.
It also provides Management (MGMT) 10 / 100BASE-Tx ports and the console port for easy and convenient management.

Description System Specification
Flash memory 32MB
System memory 256MB SDRAM
CPE (subscriber) port 8 ports of the 100 / 1000 BASE-T (4Pair & 2Pair) , RJ-45 connector
GES (uplink) port 8 ports of the 100 / 1000BASE-T, RJ-45 connectors
Console Port 1 console port, RS232 (RJ-45 connector)
MGMT port 10 / 100BASE-TX port for management (RJ-45 connector)
Rated Input AC100-240V, 50~60Hz
Rated output DC 12.1V, 2.5A (30W)
Power Consumption Max 27W
Operating temperature -20~60°C
Storage temperature -40~70°C (-40~158°F)
Operating humidity 0 ~ 95% (noncondensing)
DChassis size (W x H x D) 340.0mm x 22.0mm x 130.0mm