Vnet 2516J

VNET2516K is one RU height single-board Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet switch which has been designed as ultra-compact customer premise equipment.

The VNET2516K provides 16-port interfaces which support super-fast mode simultaneously with the RJ45 connectors and 2 mounting slots for an optional uplink unit. It also has a non-blocking architecture and interfaces providing wire-speed and full-duplex packet traffic on all ports.

For the uplink interface unit, it supports 1000Base-X (SFP), 10GBase-R (SFP+), EPON module type to provide a wider bandwidth and a longer trans-mission distance.

N-iTUS’s works with ADSL and VDSL through vectoring which effectively removes all crosstalk through noise cancellation technology. This enables service providers leverage their existing DSL and make a smooth transition to ultra-broadband with solution ultimately lowers TCO by eliminating the need to invest for all fiber infrastructure, and extends ultra-broadband to old buildings that only have telephone lines or the legacy areas.

It is an effective product to network environment of entry-level enterprise, mid-market and branch office networks, a large scale place of business and ISP (Internet Service Provider) to support high-speed internet service than existing Ethernet products. It offers flexible in-terface to make up diversity network services and benefit of network extension.

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System Features The VNET2516K supports the following system features
– 80 Gbps switching capacity
– 16 subscriber interface ports
→ 16-Port Line
– 2 optional expansion slots for uplink modules
→ 1000Base-X (SFP) 1-Port uplink module per slot
→ E- PON (SC-type) 1-Port uplink module per slot
→ 10GBase-R (SFP+) 1-Port uplink module per slot
– LED indicators
– Console command line interface (CLI) via RS232
– Out-of-band management via 10/ 100Base-TX
Functionalities Layer 2 Switch – Standard Ethernet Bridging
– Managing 16K MAC addresses in MAC table
– IEEE 802.1Q tagged frame supporting 4K VLANs
– Port/MAC/Subnet/Protocol-based VLAN
– VLAN stacking
– Independent VLAN learning (IVL)
– 802.3ad link aggregation
– Port mirroring
– Flow control
Multicast – IGMP v1/v2/v3
– IGMP snooping
QoS – Diff Serv
– Traffic scheduling (SP, WRR, DRR)
– Four queues per port
– Ingress/Egress Rate Shaping
Security – SSH v1/v2
– RADIUS, TACACS+ Authentication
– MAC/port based authentication according to 802.1x
– Ethernet type / L4-based ACL
– Storm Control
– DHCP Filtering
– MAC Filtering
Management – Serial/Telnet (CLI)
– SNMPv1/v2/v3
– DHCP server, relay agent with option82
– RMON – Syslog
– Software Download/ Upgrade
– Configuration Download/ Upload
– CPE management by Private OAM – ITU-T G.9701 PHY Compliant
– ITU-T G.9700 PSD Compliant (TDD)
– Vectoring
– Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA)
– On-Line Reconfiguration (SRA, TIGA, FRA, RPA)
– FAST 106a Profile support
– Retransmission
Physical Specification Mechanics Dimensions (W x H x D)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
Operating Humidity Range
440 x 44 x 290 mm (17.3 x 1.7 x 11.5 in)
– 4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
– 40 to 158° F (-40 to 70°C)
0% to 90% Non-condensing
Power Supply Power Voltage AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
DC 12.1V, 6.5A
Power Consumption 72W
Operating Indicators System LEDs Port LEDs
Service Interfaces Subscriber I/F 16 x Line
Uplink Network I/F Slots
(1-port module per slot)
(1-port module per slot)
(1-port module per slot)
(1-port module per slot)
2 x 10GE
1000Base-X (SFP)
EPON (SC-type)
10/100/1000Base-X (RJ45)
10GBase-R (SFP+)
Ethernet I/F for local management 10/100Base-TX
Serial Console 1-Port (RS232)



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